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Here is all the information on THE $11.91 for 1191 Delegates Rolling Money Bomb w/free Ron Paul REVOLUTION Cola/ from Jones Soda!!!
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Be Part of the $11.91 for 1191 delegates Rolling Money Bomb w/free Ron Paul Revolution Cola by Jones soda!!(while supplies last)



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People RON PAUL IS RISING!!!!.....

If we do nothing now; If we do not fulfill our duty and call to action by our founding documents; then when our children can't believe what they choose to, when our liberties and our God-given rights are only a distant memory, when foreigners and central banks own all our property, and when we must work a whole day for one meal:  at that time we will have no else to blame but ourselves.  So let us act.  Let us shake our world.
We also have a responsibility to teach our fellow citizen about our God-given rights and liberties, about individual sovereignty, and about the very limited role government is to act in.  As George Washington said about the Constitution , "'s only keeper, is the people."  WE THE PEOPLE .....The Revolution has just begun....

 WHERE DO I DONATE? You can click on the chip in link on the left or click here to donate $11.91

There are people(delegates/alternates)across this country who are not able to go to the convention due to financial challenges. I know of at least one alternate who recently "gave up" and decided not to go to St. Paul due to the enormous financial requirements that was going to be required of him.THIS IS A SIMPLE -- AFFORDABLE -- and FUN WAY IN WHICH WE CAN ALL PITCH IN AND HELP  the delegates make it to St. Paul!! HAVE WE COME ALL THIS WAY FOUGHT ALL THESE BATTLES IN THE PRIMARIES TO SIMPLY ...STOP close to the finish line?? THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO ME, AND I HOPE IT IS TO YOU AS WELL!!WE MUST DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THESE DELEGATES/ALTERNATES TO ST PAUL ..AND WITH YOUR HELP AND THE HELP OF THOSE YOU KNOW WE CAN DO IT !! WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER......

Can Ron Paul really still be nominated on the Republican Ticket?? I thought he dropped out??
---YES he can still be nominated!
! and NO!! HE DID NOT DROP OUT, he just suspended his campaign. Please see the enclosed videos and links below for more information and for specific details, or click here to read all about it.

How can Ron Paul be nominated from the Floor of the Republican Convention?  
--- That is a great question! According to the rules of the National GOP, any candidate can be nominated from the floor with the support of the majority of delegates from each of 5 or more states. (you can click here to read the GOP rules your self) While we know we have Nevada as a win for sure.(they are currently fighting a legal battle with the GOP)  We need the majority of 5 states to nominate him from the floor. This money bomb is all about making that reality take place. and to assist in publicly persuading 1191 delegates to vote for Ron Paul on the convention floor.

How can this Rolling Money Bomb do that?
--- We are doing it through multiple efforts.....
   First --we are going to ensure that every elected  Ron Paul Delegate/alternate is able to get to St. Paul. (some may already have arrangements made, and do not need any assistance, but there are a handful across this country that are not able to raise the money to get there, we will be able to provide them with assistance.) There was recently an article posted where an actual RON PAUL delegate could not raise the money to go to Minneapolis, and so decided he would not go! PEOPLE HAS OUR R3VOLUTION COME ALL THIS WAY ONLY TO STOP AT THE FINISH LINE AND NOT CROSS?? By donating you will help enable the front line soldiers that are going to St Paul to fight for our right to have an honest man nominated to the Republican Party as the Presidential Nominee!!  (all delegates/alternates will be verified before any assistance will be given) WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, AND THESE DELEGATES REPRESENT OUR COMPLETE AND TOTAL FUTURE...each of us , can do just a little to help them make the journey!!

    Second-- we are going to provide money for any and all legal assistance that Nevada may need in order to prevail in court against the Nevada GOP. As of right now they are taking the state GOP to court to stop them from stealing Ron Paul's 28 state delegates. (click here for more information) This issue is by far the next most important issue to get Dr. Paul the nomination. If Nevada falls, we will be more hard pressed to nominate him from the floor.

    Thirdly--we will be providing specialized in room advertising to each of the hotels that are housing specific state delegates. (as you can understand, the specifics must be kept confidential for now.) This can ensure complete and unbiased exposure to Ron Paul to many of the National Delegates, (for some it may be  for the very first time.) Right there in they're hotel room in St. Paul-- HOW COOL IS THAT!!  

    And Last-- we will be spending money on unique outside public advertising. (This can include things like radio advertising, small business/restaurants being paid to fly RON PAUL FLAGS, newspaper advertising--full page ads in all major local papers,  television advertising  in all markets for the St. Paul area during the entire convention, and skylights from above that will light up the night sky with Ron Paul for the whole city to see!!  Pretty exiting, huh!!!

---We will be verifying the authenticity of each delegate/alternate. Once that is done, we will pay for some of their expenses directly, that our donations allow of course. For example, for security reasons all delegates/alternates must stay at specific alloted hotels. Most of these hotels run around 1,000 per delegae/alternate  for the 5 days of the convention. So in that case we would pay for the hotel directly. This goes the same for plane tickets, etc. We feel it is the fairest way to make sure that everyones money is used as safely as possible. (and we will have reciepts to send to all the donors, to prove to them who was assisted, and how much, etc.) 

Where (and  how) do the delegates go to register or sign up for help to get to St. Paul?
--- Great question! First they must click on the link at the left (or click here) to get the form they need in order for us to send them financial help. If for some reason they are not able to that, then have them email us at

What if I know a delegate/alternate that needs help, what should  I do?

How much do we need to raise  just for the delegates?
---Well, so far our list of certified Ron Paul delegate/alternates is numbering at least 27 (the hotels alone for them are about 1,000 a that is over 27,000) Each ones situation is different. Some just need a little help, others just cant go unless we can pay their way. How much we pay for each one will be posted once it is done. They will know this, and are ok with it. IF YOU KNOW OF A DELEGATE THAT NEEDS ASSISTANCE TO GET TO THE NATIONAL CONVENTION PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY--TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!

WHERE DO I DONATE? You can click on the chip in link on the left or click here to donate $11.91

How can my $11.91 accomplish all of that, it seems like alot for so little ?
--- Great question!! While you are right, you alone would not make a huge difference, but your not alone!! The magic of a Rolling Money Bomb coupled  w/free Ron Paul Revolution Cola is simply this .....every time you donate and get 2 people to donate, that will generate some excitement, right? But what happens when those 2 go out and get 2 more , and then they get 2 more...this can multiply so fast, that it is almost mind boggling! ! A  grass fire can be lit across this great  nation the likes we have not seen since the days of the original money bombs and the best thing about this one is it is rolling(it happens over time) so many more people can get involved and contribute, while also getting a RP soda! HOW SWEET IS THAT?! This is the event where all the Ron Paul Patriots can come out and be a part of  one last hurray to get Ron Paul nominated on the Floor of the Republican Convention!! We will be able to earn enough to do all the projects above in the order they were presented. Be a part of history and donate your 11.91 today...then go get a couple of your friends to do the same...WITH YOUR HELP WE REALLY CAN MAKE THIS AMAZING EVENT A PART OF OUR HISTORY THAT NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET!!

Can I really make a difference in this election, or in this money bomb?? I am only one person....
-- Watch this video and then go on to the next question...


Well one person (as you can see)... can make a difference, (see below as to why) this "ROLLING" MONEY BOMB IS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER MONEY BOMB IN HISTORY.... HERE'S WHY....Every time you donate $11.91 and refer 2 people to do the same..We will send you a FREE BOTTLE OF REVOLUTION COLA from Jones Soda Co. !!(all you do is email us an address to send it to and the email addresses or names of the 2 referrals who donated) Its that if the 2 people you referred also refer 2 people they will also get a free bottle of Jones Soda.... and so on....lets do the math with a simple example...

lets say you donated $11.91 TODAY ..                                                                         11.91                1
and you referred 2 people who did the same  11.91x2=  23.82                  total is 35.73               2
and they did the same....2x2=4x11.91=47.64                                                  total is 83.37               4
and so on ....8 x 11.91=95.28                                                                                   total is 178.65              8
etc.16 x11.91=190.56                                                                                                total is  369.21            16
etc               =381.12                                                                                                      total is  750.33            32
etc...            =762.24                                                                                                    total is  1512.57          64
etc...            =1524.48                                                                                              total is   3037.05        128
etc...            =3048.96                                                                                               total is   6086.01        256
etc...            =6097.92                                                                                               total is  12,183.93      512
etc...            =12,195.84                                                                                         total is  24,379.77    1,024
etc...            =24,391.68                                                                                         total is  48,771.45    2,048
etc....           =48,783.36                                                                                      total is  97,554.81    4,096
                                                                                                                                                                                 8,191  donors

... ALL OF THE ABOVE EXAMPLES STARTED WITH ONLY 1 person donating $11.91!
Is something so small as the price of a movie ticket worth the chance to have a free country with Ron Paul as our next President?? Is that worth..11.91?? (yes this is an example, and not everyone will refer 2 people some will refer more...some will forward this to their email lists of dozens or hundreds  of Ron Paul supporters!!)

How does it work? and what is a Rolling Money Bomb?
-- Unlike a normal money bomb where everyone chooses a day and donates, the rules for this are simple!! You donate at least $11.91 and then commit to influencing 2 people to do the same. They in turn donate 11.91 each, and then they go out and influence 2 more people etc. ....thus the money bomb will build or roll along building momentum!!

 This is EXITING!! Is there a way in which I can help out in its promotion??
-- YES!! In fact there is. There are several ways you can assist in its promotion. First and foremost you can email this page to any/all of your fellow Ron Paul Republicans! You can also get the script for a chip in Widget that can be put onto your own website or one that you have access to. If you belong to a meetup you can make a contest that promotes it, and see who can earn the most bottles of Jones Soda!!!  There are numerous ways you can be promote it!! Feel free to be creative!! And if you think of any new way leave a message on the margin ,or email us and we will post it here on this page for all to see and use!! ( )

WHERE DO I DONATE? You can click on the chip in link on the left or click here to donate $11.91

Can I donate more than 11.91 or can I send in a check instead??
--Yes!!! Of course! In fact if you want to send a you can do an e-check by simply  clicking on the chip in logo on the left!

What if I just want to donate as much as I can to the money bomb- CAN I??
-- YES PLEASE DO!! There are no limits on how much you can donate!!!! In fact every time you donate at least 11.91 and refer 2 people who do the get a free bottle of Ron Paul Revolution limit!!!! SO DONATE AND REFER AWAY!!

Who is Jones Soda co. and what do they have to do with this money bomb?
-- Jones Soda Co. is soda pop company that has no affiliation with this money bomb, except that they make a limited edition Ron Paul Revolution Cola CLICK HERE to see a picture of it

How do I get a free bottle of Ron Paul Revolution Cola from Jones Soda Co.??
--All you need to do is donate, then include the names or emails of the 2 people you successfully referred to donate in an email to and we will send you your free bottle. Every time you successfully donate and refer 2 people to donate you will receive and additional bottle of RP Revolution Cola!!  (and since on the website you can only buy 6 or 12 would be a lot better to get it for free just for referring  people to this rolling money bomb)

Can I get more than one bottle of Soda if I refer more than 2 people??
--YES !! Just donate again, and refer another 2 people... include the names and email addresses of every 2 people you refer so we can verify it!!(each time you donate, you can refer 2 more people to donate..earning another bottle of RP Jones Soda!!(while supplies last--as this is a limited production soda bottle)

When do I get my Ron Paul Revolution Cola from Jones Soda Co.?
--We will start sending them out towards the end of the Rolling Money bomb.(while supplies last--as this is a limited production cola bottle)

Is this promotion or money bomb affiliated or sponsored by the Jones Soda company?
--No!! We are just sending out bottles as a thank you for donating and referring 2 people who donate as well. Its our way of sayin thanks you for  helping this venture to succeed!!

What if I just want to buy a Ron Paul Revolution Cola from Jones soda?
--We are not affiliated with the company, however if you want to purchase you may go to their website and buy some. Keep this in mind, the website only sells a 6 pack or a 12 pack. So instead of spending your money on the cola, you can spend it here, and refer others, thereby getting it for FREE!!

I have watched the videos and read the links, and I still have more questions, who can I ask??
-- Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can with additional details. Also check back here often as we may update this page with additional information.

How can I know that the money collected will be used as shown?
--Good Question. We have done a chip in before where money was collected for newspapers ads. Here  a link to the ad that was placed. After it was completed we emailed receipt copies to all contributors. We will be doing the same thing here as well. When you say you are going to do something you do it!

McCain`s last -and WOST-Nightmare!The honorable Dr Ron Paul


(any additional monies raised above and beyond those needed for the program will be sent to blanket St. Paul with Ron Paul; The Ron-Paul-calypse; or will be used to assist getting key supporters to St.Paul. ) Thank you for your support. If you would like to have a widget placed on your website,or my space, etc. please email us(  LIBERTY@COASTTOCOASTMONEYBOMB.COM) and we will send you the script for you site, or you can click here and there will be instructions on obtaining the script.

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